About Me

Hello! I'm Rabya.  I love pancakes, pain au chocolat, cappuccinos and I'm deadly serious about Play.

Professionally speaking I work in project management, and I've turned my hand to building a business around Playful Living, as well as using my expertise to work with other creatives and businesses to help them project manage events and workshops of their own.

My Story

Back in 2007 I graduated with a law degree with absolutely no desire to pursue that lawyer life. The ensuing weeks took me to temp work in an IT company.  There I slowly got involved in IT Projects learning the ropes, and over ten years on I lead and set up Project Management Offices and practices within organisations so that they can execute projects to achieve their strategic goals.

In 2015 I became a mother to my darling son Rafe. I shifted and changed as a person, and so has what I wanted from life.  I've always been a playful spirit and having my son has really focussed my mind to wanting build a life around play.

My Playful Living Ethos  

I believe there is power in play.  When we are engaged in play with our minds and bodies we are wholly free in those moments.  Free to explore without expectations or outcomes, free to discover yourself in those moments, free to unlock creative potential.