My Guide To A Playful Autumn


 I am a Summer baby through and through.  Born in early August and a total sun worshipper.  With the prospect of colder climates, curtailed daylight hours and my least favourite meteorological phenomenon rain *sigh*, I would be hard pushed to say “yay, Autumn!”

But there is so much to “yay!” about! So much so that I think I’m hard pushed to say Summer is my favourite season these days. To that end here is my little guide to a playful Autumn that will have you dancing in crunchy leaf litter before you can say “conkers!”

Make The Most Of The Summer / Winter Purgatory

September can be oh so golden.  Don't get me wrong these Autumnal months will be wet no doubt but there will be magic days.  There will be golden days, where the air crisp, the cerulean sky is as brilliant as a Himalayan Blue Poppy, and the leaves on the turn with colour almost like Spring anew.

Immerse yourself in those days, extract every last bit of Vitamin D you can, I promise you there is fun to be had with just a simple walk in nature.  Make like my son Rafe, and examine the fallen twigs and branches (he’s an avid collector) - perhaps when you get home you could turn it into a prop!

Whatever you do, explore with the boundless curiosity of a child - it’s will root you to the present moment and give you an inexplicable sense of joy and freedom.


Take Your Camera Out On A Date

Be it dank and damp, or bright and clear - having a camera in hand to snap nature in all her glory is just so much fun.  Last year I did Sara Tasker’s Gloom and Glow course and it got me so pumped for outdoor photography! 

Although I rarely share outdoor shots on my Instagram feed, I do take a as many as i can.  Sharing them for is beside the point - that point being is just taking pictures for yourself.  You’ll be surprised how much you can learn in terms of upping your skills by taking your camera out on regular walks.  I don’t have pet dog to walk but this is the next best thing I guess, and no poo bags required!

Conker Fight!

Right now in the UK the chestnut trees are dropping their spiky bounty, and inside is the chesnut.  Every Autumn as a child I’d pester my family to take us out to the park to collect them.  I had good reason though, any one of those chesnuts could be my champion winning conker!

If you have zero clue what I’m on about Conkers is a traditional British and Irish game played with chestnuts.  You play one on one with your opponent. Drill a hole through your chestnut, and hang it by threading through string or a shoelace, then you take it in turns with your opponent to try and whack each others conkers, whomever's chestnut is destroyed first is the loser. (Ideally you would find a place to dry the chestnuts out for a year or so because the harder the chestnut the better it would fair in a fight!)

It’s a lot of fun to forage for chestnuts, and even better is the tension as you hope your chesnut hold up against a battering; pure entertainment.


Break out the jigsaw puzzle

OK, now this is one of my all time favourite cold weather past times.  This is the kind of play which I find relaxing and satisfying all at the same time.  Picture this: it’s blowing a gale outside, rain smattering the window panes, and inside the log burner warms up a cosy scene of hands idly piecing together a jigsaw while watching Harry Potter on the telly.  Coupled with sips of tea and nibbles on biscuits - I call that cosy play!


Ready, Steady, BAKE!

There’s a lot to be said of for using your hands to mould triple chocolate cookie dough balls or to make the breadcrumbs like crumble topping for a summer fruit crumble. Just the textures and smells is enough for me.

I’m lucky my parents have an allotment and this year I was gifted plums from their tree, I love to turn this into a crumble. Usually I freeze the stewed fruit and on a cold day I bring it out to thaw, make my crumble topping (with almonds is a MUST) and pop it in the oven.

Other favourites in our house are cookies and brownie. So yes, cometh the cold, cometh the comfort. It’s great one to get the kids involved too, I just have to persuade them not to lick the bowl!

I would love to know what you’re looking forward to in Autumn and if this post has inspired you to find some seasonal play in your life - drop us a comment below as feedback either way is really helpful x

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