About She Flourished


Who's That Girl

Hey there pal!  I'm Rabya.  I work full time in the corporate world of Project Management.  I'm also a mother to my little boy Rafe, and wife to Chris Pratt lookalike Alex.

I'm the kind of girl who's music taste is so far and wide that you could quite easily catch me full on shaking my butt to Cardi B one minute then balling my eyes out at Debussy's Clair De Lune the next!

It's fair to say I'm an Instagram addict with a love of playing by creating fun pictures.  I joined in the fun around 2015, but really only started to take things seriously in 2017.  By seriously I mean photography, getting to out of automatic mode, into manual and finding joy with every snap of the shutter.

What Do I Do

When I'm not working my 9 - 5 day job I'm playing!  No seriously, creating visuals for Instagram is one of the ways I play.  Or I'm baking, or I'm painting, and generally making a mess!

I'm a huge advocate of playtime for adults.  Somewhere along the lines, we stopped having playtime.  Why do I care about play? Well here is the deal: Life is too short to be all work and no play.  I believe play unlocks creativity, I believe play takes us out of ourselves and gives us momentum in the most unexpected and joyful way.

I'll be hosting some playtime retreats of my own soon (late Summer 2018 onwards) which I hope will bring a playful connection so do look out for news on those soon!

Work With Me

As I'm qualified in Project Management, if you would like me to organise your next workshop or retreat, from sourcing the venue and catering, to styling,  just drop me an email at rabya@sheflourished.com

I am also available for brand collaborations on my Instagram, and happy to provide a media kit.  Email rabya@sheflourished.com for details.